Advocacy & NonProfit

Advocacy filmmaking has the power to ignite change and amplify the voiceless.  By collaborating with nonprofits, we harness the transformative potential of storytelling to raise awareness and inspire action.

Teach For America: Louisiana Delta Region

A short documentary that provides an overview of TFA's Louisiana Delta Region and its impact in the community. || Watch »

united way

A short documentary about a Durham, North Carolina family's struggle with homelessness and their journey to housing. || Watch »

Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation

A documentary exploring the Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation's efforts in helping to reforest areas of the Amazon Rainforest devestated by deforestation. || Watch » 

The Pre-K Priority

Instagram series highlighting a campaign initiated by The Pre-K Priority to highlight amazing Pre-K teachers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. || Watch » 

North Carolina Community Foundation

A series of videos highlighting NCCF's Disaster Relief Fund. These videos were created preemptively, highlighting Eastern, Central, and Western North Carolina in case of an emergency.  They will not be deployed until they are needed.

Love a Child, Haiti

Short documentary about the "Miracle Village in Fond Parisien, Haiti that helps Haitians displaced by recent earthquakes. Watch »

teach for america

Documentary short about a second-generation corps member -- someone who is participating in Teach For America after having a TFA teacher impact their own life. Watch »

winston-salem street School

An overview video of the Winston-Salem Street School's mission of giving at-risk students a second chance at a high school education. Watch » 

Teach for america: Indianapolis

A slightly more experimental approach to highlighting TFA Indianapolis's spoken word program, Indy Pulse. || Watch »

Goodwill of Northwest North CArolina 

Short event video documenting the fundraiser "Color Me Goodwill" at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. || Watch »